Hello!  Welcome to Candice Bradfield Photography!  I’m so excited that you have come to visit my website and I look forward to getting to know you!  Photography has been an amazing journey for me so far, and I would love to share with you a little about how I got started and what makes me who I am in this industry.
Starting at a young age I discovered that I like to draw.  Drawing faces was kind of an obsession for me during my high school years, and I had notebook after notebook filled with pencil portraits of people, both real and imaginary.  The thing I loved drawing most was a person’s eyes.  There’s something really special about recreating that certain something about someone that brings the image to life, and I really feel like it’s in the eyes.  Because, as we all know, they are “the window to the soul.” 
As the years went on, life happened, and I spent less and less time drawing portraits.  I still pick up a pencil and paper on occasion (like this drawing I did for one of my best friends when she got married), but it has been really fun to explore other artistic ventures over the years as well!  And there have been a lot of them…  You could say that I have been on a journey in search of my life’s purpose, and it has made me the artist that I am today!  My husband is an athlete and grew up playing every kind of sport you could imagine.  His mom still jokes that if school work had been based around a ball of some kind, that he would have been a straight-A student!  You could say that my life has mirrored that, except that I have probably tried almost every form of art.  As we discussed above, I can draw a little, but I’ve also played music (flute for 10+ years through school…also something I still do from time to time), I’ve tried sewing, floral arranging, cake decorating, interior decorating, I dabble in graphic design, I’m a licensed cosmetologist (definitely an artistic profession), and I like to pretend that I would have been a ballerina if my mom had just signed me up for dance class when I was a kid, because that was what I used to tell everyone that I wanted to be when I grew up!  -To my mother’s defense, she had 5 daughters (and a son), so of course she had to draw the line on the more expensive/time consuming extracurricular activities!  None of this is to brag in any way, because I definitely did fall into the category of “jack of all trades, master of none” for a long time!  But it was all just leading me down the path towards where I am today, and I’m happy to say that I have finally found my passion and my purpose.  Much of my purpose was uncovered when I had my four beautiful children, but the artist in me is alive and well, and joyfully expressing herself through the medium of portrait photography!  You could even say I have my children to thank for that, because motherhood offers so much inspiration, and really was the thing that set me on course to learn photography in the first place.  I have also had some amazing mentors and photography “idols” if you will, who helped me realize that being a photographer didn’t just have to be a dream, and I have a husband who is committed to being the wind in my sail.  I am so lucky to be doing what I love, and the best part by far is getting to do what I love as a service to others.  I think that is what made me realize that this is finally where I belong.